Privacy Policy

Contact details for the manager

1. The processing of personal data is performed by Copy Pro Estonia OÜ (hereinafterMinu Elu Foto or Service Provider), registry code 14305921, legal address Teatri väljak 1, Tallinn, 10143.
2. If you have any problems with the processing of your personal data, please contact
Scope of Privacy Policy

1. Personal data shall include all information relating to identity, including given name and surname, telephone number, e-mail address, and security camera recordings.
2. The privacy policy applies to the protection of privacy and personal data:

· Individuals - all existing, potential and past clients.
· Copy Pro for offices, offices and all visitors, including security camera recordings.
· Visitors to My Life Photo.

3. The service provider is responsible for the privacy of the customer's data and respects the customer's rights under the Personal Data Protection Act.
4. The Privacy Policy applies to all data, regardless of the format and / or environment in which the customer enters his or her personal information (My Life Photo Website, email, paper or telephone) and regardless of the systems or paper processing.
Reasons for processing personal data

1. Customer identification;
2. Order processing;
3. Contacting the customer regarding the completion of the order;
4. Order Delivery;
5. Handling and processing of objections;
6. Provision of the Service;
7. Invoicing;
8. Providing information to public authorities to carry out operational activities in the cases and to the extent provided for that purpose.

Legal interests of Minu Elu Foto

1. Business activities;
2. Analyzing, developing and pirating the Minu Elu Foto website;
3. Take measures to retain and attract customers;
4. Developing and pirating products and services;
5. Promoting products and services through various communication channels;
6. Conduct customer surveys and user experiences on products and services;
7. Approach public authorities and institutions for the protection of legal interests.

Collection and processing of personal data
1.Minu Elu Foto processes personal information using state-of-the-art technology, taking into account privacy risks and organizational, financial and technical resources of Minu Elu Foto, including security measures such as firewalls and intrusion prevention and detection programs.
        Recipients of personal data
       Minu Elu Foto does not disclose Customer's personal information or information provided to third parties during the provision of the Service and during the term of the Agreement, except:
1. Where such third party is a person who performs a function necessary to perform the service under the contract (eg supply);
2. Upon reasoned request by small judicial authorities to the extent and in the manner prescribed by law.